India 2019, Busan A Window On Asian Cinema- Kim Jiseok Award

Feature Film by Pradip Kurbah


Iewduh is the name of the largest and the most vibrant market in Northeast India. Market, whose original title is ‘Iewduh’, tells the story of the people of the Iewduh Bara Bazaar market. Mike is a bathroom cleaner working in the darkest of the dark places in the market. He lives with Hep, a boy who was abandoned by his parents and was later taken in by Mike.


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The two depend on each other, arguing and fighting at times. Experiencing and sharing joys and sorrows with their neighbors—the friends they interact with every day, the girl Mike loves, the old man with dementia who was abandoned by his family but still waits for his son—once strangers become a real family. The realistic portrayal of the traditional market and performances by actors create a vivid picture of the life in Iewduh Bara Bazaar. Poverty is not the only thing that the people of the market suffer from, as their daily lives are spattered with issues of domestic abuse, juvenile delinquency, and elderly care, which lead to all kinds of accidents and incidents involving violence and suicide. Despite these tragedies, Market presents the viewers with magical moments in which people abandoned by their blood relations come together and become a real family. Beautiful, picturesque moments captured in the complex and dirty alleys of the market are another reason that makes this film a gem.