The River is not a Border

France, Locarno Critic’s Week 2022, IDFA

Documentary by Alassane Diago


Forty protagonists, witnesses and victims, look back at the 1989 massacres on both sides of the Senegal River, the border between Mauritania and Senegal, in order to understand what really happened, and try to take a step towards reconciliation together. Continuer la lecture

We Had the Day Bonsoir

France, FID Marseille 2022 French competition Grand Prize & Prize of the National Center for Plastic Arts (CNAP), Rotterdam Harbour 2023

A film by Narimane Mari


Dying is an adventure, the last one, and we lived it. But what’s great is that we have added this film project like a future. Michel was involved right up until the end… and I can hear him telling me « there is no end ». Continuer la lecture

We Haven’t Lost our Way

Poland, Berlinale Forum 2022

Feature Film by Anka Sasnal, Wilhelm Sasnal


This loose adaptation of the P.C. Jersild novel follows a professor who quits his job and a translator in difficulties. He sends her recordings of the mysterious journey he has embarked on, but is the journey even real? Or just proof of his madness? Continuer la lecture


USA, Rotterdam Harbour 2022

Documentary by Zhengfan Yang


An audio-visual portrait of a neighborhood in the city of Chicago. Life presents itself in two contradictory ways: as seen through the windows of an apartment filmed over the course of three years – peaceful, mundane, ambiguous; and as told through the local police scanner recorded during the last year of the Trump administration, also the first year of the ongoing pandemic – violent, tragic, absurd. From here, a neighborhood is observed, a city is echoed, and a country is footnoted. Continuer la lecture

American Journal

France, Berlinale Encounters 2022

Documentary by Arnaud des Pallières


Think of America, I told myself. The cities, the homes, the people, the arrivals, the departures, the children coming and leaving, death, life, movement, speech. Think of the deep sigh inside of all things alive in America. Bend down. Pick up what others let go to waste from life. So the wind won’t blow it all away. Continuer la lecture

The Plains

Australia, Rotterdam Tiger competition 2022, Bildrausch Film Basel Best Film

First docu-fiction by David Easteal


Every evening a man in his late 50s commutes home at the end of the working day in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. As the seasons pass in gentle rhythm we observe dramatic events of his life as well as mundane quotidian details, and learn more about the man, his inner conflicts and the relationships in his life—with his wife, his mother, deceased sister, and a younger co-worker whom he occasionally drives home. Within the microcosm of the car the film ultimately becomes a meditation on the passage of time, memory, work, and how love and the relationships in our life sustain us. Continuer la lecture

Veins of the Amazon

Peru, DOK Leipzig competition 2021

Documentary by Álvaro Sarmiento, Diego Sarmiento, Terje Toomistu


In the Peruvian Amazon, the main means of transport for goods and people since the times of the rubber boom and the infamous adventures of Fitzcarraldo are the ferries navigating the majestic Amazon River. Continuer la lecture

May God be with You

France, DOK Leipzig competition 2021- prize of the Interreligious jury, IDFA Best of Fests

First documentary by Cleo Cohen


I wonder if I have to choose between being French, Jewish or Arab. I visit my four grandparents, Jews from Algeria and Tunisia, who took up exile France in the 1960s. I want to discuss with them the meaning of these seemingly contradictory legacies they have left me. Unfortunately, my distress isn’t really contagious. Continuer la lecture

Sons of Caïn

Albania, Venice Days 2021 – Special Screening

First docu-fiction by Keti Stamo


Sons of Cain is a film set in a small village in northern Albania. In this place time is suspended and the severe rules of an old code (KANUN) still dictate life and deathof the inhabitants. Continuer la lecture


Switzerland, Argentina, Chile, France- Locarno Filmmakers of the Present 2021

First feature film by Marí Alessandrini


The Patagonian steppe is battered by a grey wind… Mora is 13 years old and intends to become a « gaucho ». She questions the school and asserts her individuality towards her parents, two environmentalists from Italian-speaking Switzerland whose dream of autonomy turns into a nightmare. Mora goes deep into the steppe to help the only friend she has, Nazareno, an old Mapuche who has lost his horse, Zahorí. Continuer la lecture