Keep Me Upright

France, Berlin Forum 2012

A first feature film by Zoe Chantre


When I was a child they found I had a giant S-shaped scoliosis of the spine and a large angioma of the left brain. These conditions prevented my carrying anything heavy and gave me ophthalmic migraines. Under pressure, I started to draw. Later, when I rediscovered these drawings, I decided to make a film all by myself, with no crew and as little gear as possible in order not to overburden my back: just one small camera with built-in mike and a computer to edit on. I spent five years harvesting images, assembling, erasing and ordering them to tell this tale of one little woman and soulmates: a tale that builds gradually over time, around spine and angioma and has become my way of handling the spokes in my wheel. Over the years, I have learnt to reach out and share my experiences with humour. Film-making, I have to say, has been a tremendous help.


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