Bellas Mariposas

Italy, Venice Orizzonti 2012, Rotterdam Big screen award 2013

Salvatore Mereu


Cate lives on the outskirts of Cagliari with her many brothers and sisters and a good-for-nothing father. She wants to get out and dreams of becoming a singer, not wanting to end up like her sister, Mandarina, pregnant at thirteen, or like Samantha, the neighbourhood slut.

Gigi, her neighbour is the only one worthy of her love. Today, the 3rd August, Gigi ‘s life is in danger. one of Cate’s brothers, Tonio, wants to kill him. Meanwhile, Cate and her best friend Luna, pass the longest day of their lives, between their neighbourhood, the sea, and the streets of the city centre.

As the evening draws to a close, all seems lost, but, out of nowhere a beautiful woman appears, the “ coga” Aleni, a witch who can read the future…..


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  • PBMariposas 120x210 (1)