Au Revoir l’été

Japan, Tokyo 2013, Mongolfiere d’or & young jury award at Nantes 3 Continents 2013, Rotterdam Spectrum 2014

Koji Fukada


Sakuko, a high school graduate studying for her college entrance exams, decides to accompany her aunt Mikie to stay at a rural town by the sea. There, she becomes friends with Mikie’s friends Tatsuko, Ukichi, and Takashi.

Tatsuko is a student at a nearby college and despises her father Ukichi, an owner of a small motel just outside of town. Takashi a refugee from Fukushima dropped out from high school and currently works at Ukichi’s motel. The motel is infamous for illegally accepting teenagers to stay and have sex.

Sakuko doesn’t study at all and spends her days wondering off around the beautiful beaches. One day, Takashi is forced to make a speech in an “Against NUKES” meeting held in town. Filled with mixed emotions, he runs off in the middle of his speech, and Sakuko seeing the sight on television talks with Takashi the whole night. She is confused why her aunt researches matters overseas when there are so many issues going on in her own country. She confronts Mikie who answers that it is easier for outsiders to understand what the problem is, and that the more shoes we set foot in, the more we understand ourselves.


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